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Terms & Conditions.

Details about the process.

  • The client should approve the mock-up to start the project.
  • The client should check the mock-up carefully because after client gives the approval for the mock-up, the client cannot request major changes in the design.
  • If the client wants major design changes after mock-up approval, the client should pay an extra amount for that.
  • WPGuild agrees to complete the website within a specified period.
  • When the task is finished, the owner should change the passwords.
  • The Client will review the completed site, and once it has been approved, the site will be launched.
  • The client should provide the content, otherwise, the client should pay an extra amount for the content.
  • The client should provide the images, otherwise, The WPGuild will use copyright free images.
  • The WPGuild will provide you the training for free of charge.
  • WPGuild does not take any responsibility for damages or errors made to the site by the Client or a third party after the website has been completed and handed over.
  • After WPGuild handed over the website to the client, design changes cannot be requested for free of charge.


Details about the Payments.

  • The client should pay an advance payment or the full amount to start the project.
  • The client should pay for the extra plugins and themes which will be needed for the project.
  • The website will not be transferred before complete the payment.
  • The client cannot stop the project after the client request the WPGuild to start the project. If the client wants to stop, WPGuild will not refund the client.